About Ashburton

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crusader_boyAshburton, the agricultural ‘capital’ of the Ashburton District. With a population of 15,800 Ashburton is the largest of several small towns linking this beautiful region which boasts a total population of 25,180.

Historically, the first settlements sprang up in the 17th century around the Hakatare River (later renamed Ashburton). It is thought that the East Coast rivers were used by the early Maori to reach Moa hunting grounds. It was Lord Ashburton, a member of the Canterbury Association whom Ashburton was named after.

Airfield hosting huge number of planes

tedBy Sue Newman
People in planes and people who are simply passionate about planes will be descending on Ashburton Airport from tomorrow, all in the name of the Great Plains Fly-In.
The event, running until February 6, is a biennial one for Ashburton and already more than 100 aircraft are registered to fly in from around New Zealand.
And while the numbers of aircraft already registered is hitting record levels, this is likely to increase as the weekend progresses, registration secretary Neil Stuckey said.
“A lot of people just leave it until the last minute to see what the weather is going to be like before they decide to come,’ he said.

Aircraft are likely to arrive tomorrow and Saturday, in readiness for the competitions and displays that will take place in the air and on the ground on Sunday and Monday.
The efforts of aircraft builders and competitors will be rewarded on Monday night when the awards dinner is held. Speaker at the dinner will be Keith Mitchell, who has had a lifetime involvement in the aviation industry.
While the airshow is about sport aircraft and homebuilt aircraft, the museum team will be taking the opportunity to wheel out their most recent restoration effort, the Harrier GR3. One of its former pilots, Squadron Leaader Sean Perritt, will be on hand to share his experiences as a pilot in the Royal Air Force.


New training tool benefit for young cyclists

300107-JM-0162ErgsHaving a go on the Tinwald Cycling Clubs new ergs are (from left) Matthew Ellis, William Wilson and Brent Connor, while timer Murray Barltrop, and 10-year-old Josh Connor watch on.

By Erin Bishop
Ashburton’s homegrown international cyclist Hayden Roulston was the inspiration behind a purchase which will hopefully see more youngsters following in his footsteps one day soon.
Three ergs, a popular new-age training tool, now take pride of place in the Tinwald Cycling Club’s clubrooms, and since their arrival last year, they have been in hot demand.
The club went through the Ashburton Trust and gained a grant to purchase two of the machines, which retail at about $3000, while local businessman Brent Connor came to the party by spon-soring a third.
Roulston has kept a close eye on the progress of those using them for training, and has put programmes in place for some of Ashburton’s budding youngsters including Lauren Ellis and Jason Christie, who have both already made their mark on the world stage, and Logan Bonnington and Nick Rattray.
Tinwald Cycling Club president Neil Wylie had also been using the machines, and he said the difference had been remarkable.
For a small club to have three ergs of its own was rare, Wylie said, and New Zealand cycling had been introduced to them by coach Charlie Wilson, which was how Roulston found out about them.
A spin bike was also donated to the club by Paul Wylie, to go along with the wind trainers that were already there, which meant the club was in great shape when it came to training gear.

Lamb still priced off the menu

310107-CR-0235LambJason Knight, assistant manager at the Bald Butcher, with carcasses of prime Mid Canterbury lamb, which is too expensive for many people despite farmers receiving lower prices.

By Michelle Nelson
The traditional roast lamb is still off the menu for many, despite a large drop in the price farmers are receiving.
Farmers are getting less than $3 a kilogram for lamb at the moment, a drop of more than a dollar over the past month.

Ashburton’s Bald Butcher, Mark Smith, doesn’t sell a lot of lamb, because it’s too expensive; customers can still expect to pay up to $35 a prime leg of lamb.
Mr Smith said customers were unlikely to see any drop in the price of lamb because the price butchers paid the freezing works remained the same, despite the price to farmers dropping substantially.
The fall has been attributed to softer international markets, the predictable drop-off in demand after Christmas and the strength of the New Zealand dollar
Mr Smith said he occasionally bought lambs from local farmers, but killing and cartage costs could push the carcass cost up to $90.

Offers first class hotel

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site_weekAshburton offers first class hotel, motel and B & B accommodation. Its well-planned and meticulously tended parks and gardens are an attractive feature of the town.

A play area and paddling pool for children and a picnic / barbecue facility is available. Close to the northern side of the 40-hectare domain, a heated swimming pool is open to the public at most times. An historic museum and art gallery is centrally located.

Family Restaurants

foodCanterbury Hotel Methven
Phone: 03 302 8045

The Stables Restaurant
Main South Road, Tinwald
Phone: 03 308 7714
Family/Bistro type meals. No bookings required, children’s play area.

McDonalds Family Restaurant
West Street, State Highway 1
Phone: 03 308 8275


Cactus Jacks
207 Wills Street
Phone: 03 308 0495
Casual dining. Bookings taken, essential for larger groups. Delivered meals available from $10-20 price range

Chandler House
9 Mona Square
Phone: 03 308 9983

Clearwater Restaurant
Hotel Ashburton
Racecourse Road, Ashburton
Phone: 03 308 3059

Laurel and Hardy
90-92 Harrison Street, Allenton
Phone: 03 308 1166

Eagle Rock Cafe and Bar
Main Street
Phone: 03 302 8222
Fully licensed restaurant. Books essential.

Outdoor pursuits

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lyndon_mcfieAshburton is the starting point for many outdoor pursuits and the district provides a fine variety of recreational activities. Fishing for salmon and trout, mountain biking, deerstalking, boating on the back country lakes, skiing and ice skating in winter, harness racing, are but a few of the activities that make this area so attractive.

Ashburton is ideally located just one hour’s drive south of Christchurch with it’s international airport, you are warmly invited to come and enjoy its great hospitality, adventure, food and fun.

Hellaby’s wholesalers

cakThe thing is we don’t get anything for the hide now – that used to pay the cartage and killing costs, but the bottom dropped out of that market..

“We buy most of our sheep meat from Hellaby’s wholesalers, other stuff we source locally, but the lamb is usually too dear,” he said.
And once the carcass has landed at the butchery, overheads must be added.

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Electricity alone cost the business $450 a week. Add to that wages, rent and compliance costs and the profit margins are not as big as they seem.
With price hikes affecting rates, fuel and power lumped on top of all that, the local butcher shop has little room to manoeuvre prices.
Despite the continuing high price of lamb, Mr Smith said beef prices looked set to drop over the next month and a predicted rise in the cost of chicken, brought about by the need to import fattening food from Australia and compounded by a fire in the Christchurch Tegel factory, could see customers choosing more red meat soon.

County School Sports Association

rugby_boysSwimming Section

Venue: Ashburton Community Pool

Date: First Tuesday in March

Starting Time, 12 noon.

ALL OFFICIALS and COMPETITORS to be in place at least 20 minutes prior to starting time.

Age: As at 1 January in year which event is held

1. Restricted to 3 per town school, Intermediate School House and country area.
2. Entry forms to be photocopied from this section of the County Schools Sports Booklet and returned no later than one week before
the sports, to the convenor. (No late entries accepted.)
3. Each school, house or area must have a teacher manager to look after children, their possessions and to get the children to events
on time.
4. In addition to the teacher manager, schools may be required to offer one or two parents to act as marshals on the day. (It is each
school’s responsibility to ensure that their marshals know what they will be doing on the day and to report to the correct area of
the pool.

Successful companies

salvation_armyAshburton is a progressive town and can be proud of a number of successful companies, leaders in a variety of industries:

Largest Bus and Coach building operation in the Southern Hemisphere
Largest Spinning Wheel and Weaving Loom manufacturer in new Zealand
One of the leading kite designers in the world
One of the largest sock factories in New Zealand