County School Sports Association

rugby_boysSwimming Section

Venue: Ashburton Community Pool

Date: First Tuesday in March

Starting Time, 12 noon.

ALL OFFICIALS and COMPETITORS to be in place at least 20 minutes prior to starting time.

Age: As at 1 January in year which event is held

1. Restricted to 3 per town school, Intermediate School House and country area.
2. Entry forms to be photocopied from this section of the County Schools Sports Booklet and returned no later than one week before
the sports, to the convenor. (No late entries accepted.)
3. Each school, house or area must have a teacher manager to look after children, their possessions and to get the children to events
on time.
4. In addition to the teacher manager, schools may be required to offer one or two parents to act as marshals on the day. (It is each
school’s responsibility to ensure that their marshals know what they will be doing on the day and to report to the correct area of
the pool.