Lamb still priced off the menu

310107-CR-0235LambJason Knight, assistant manager at the Bald Butcher, with carcasses of prime Mid Canterbury lamb, which is too expensive for many people despite farmers receiving lower prices.

By Michelle Nelson
The traditional roast lamb is still off the menu for many, despite a large drop in the price farmers are receiving.
Farmers are getting less than $3 a kilogram for lamb at the moment, a drop of more than a dollar over the past month.

Ashburton’s Bald Butcher, Mark Smith, doesn’t sell a lot of lamb, because it’s too expensive; customers can still expect to pay up to $35 a prime leg of lamb.
Mr Smith said customers were unlikely to see any drop in the price of lamb because the price butchers paid the freezing works remained the same, despite the price to farmers dropping substantially.
The fall has been attributed to softer international markets, the predictable drop-off in demand after Christmas and the strength of the New Zealand dollar
Mr Smith said he occasionally bought lambs from local farmers, but killing and cartage costs could push the carcass cost up to $90.