Hellaby’s wholesalers

cakThe thing is we don’t get anything for the hide now – that used to pay the cartage and killing costs, but the bottom dropped out of that market..

“We buy most of our sheep meat from Hellaby’s wholesalers, other stuff we source locally, but the lamb is usually too dear,” he said.
And once the carcass has landed at the butchery, overheads must be added.

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Electricity alone cost the business $450 a week. Add to that wages, rent and compliance costs and the profit margins are not as big as they seem.
With price hikes affecting rates, fuel and power lumped on top of all that, the local butcher shop has little room to manoeuvre prices.
Despite the continuing high price of lamb, Mr Smith said beef prices looked set to drop over the next month and a predicted rise in the cost of chicken, brought about by the need to import fattening food from Australia and compounded by a fire in the Christchurch Tegel factory, could see customers choosing more red meat soon.