New approach for Variety Theatre

boule_dayBy Sue Newman
Ashburton’s Variety Theatre is taking a different approach to its first production for the year.

While the group traditionally produces shows with a heavy emphasis on music, in April it plans to stage three, one-act plays.

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The cast for those three plays will also be different, actors aged between 12 and 18 years.
Publicity co-ordinator Elaine Vallender said while the society was without a permanent performing space, it was grabbing the opportunity to try new works and to explore new production options. “We are excited about another straight drama production, after the first drama in November 2005, Steel Magnolias. The society is making the most of using different venues and trying out new styles of theatre.”

Traditionally Variety Theatre has performed in the Regent Theatre, but until Ashburton’s new performing arts centre is completed late this year, it is working from the Ashburton College auditorium.