New training tool benefit for young cyclists

300107-JM-0162ErgsHaving a go on the Tinwald Cycling Clubs new ergs are (from left) Matthew Ellis, William Wilson and Brent Connor, while timer Murray Barltrop, and 10-year-old Josh Connor watch on.

By Erin Bishop
Ashburton’s homegrown international cyclist Hayden Roulston was the inspiration behind a purchase which will hopefully see more youngsters following in his footsteps one day soon.
Three ergs, a popular new-age training tool, now take pride of place in the Tinwald Cycling Club’s clubrooms, and since their arrival last year, they have been in hot demand.
The club went through the Ashburton Trust and gained a grant to purchase two of the machines, which retail at about $3000, while local businessman Brent Connor came to the party by spon-soring a third.
Roulston has kept a close eye on the progress of those using them for training, and has put programmes in place for some of Ashburton’s budding youngsters including Lauren Ellis and Jason Christie, who have both already made their mark on the world stage, and Logan Bonnington and Nick Rattray.
Tinwald Cycling Club president Neil Wylie had also been using the machines, and he said the difference had been remarkable.
For a small club to have three ergs of its own was rare, Wylie said, and New Zealand cycling had been introduced to them by coach Charlie Wilson, which was how Roulston found out about them.
A spin bike was also donated to the club by Paul Wylie, to go along with the wind trainers that were already there, which meant the club was in great shape when it came to training gear.